About Us


Ramadan Abu Lebbeh & Sons / Al Nejmah Sweets  A Jordanian Company leading in the manufacture of Arabic Sweets in the Jordanian Markets and aboard

"AL NEJMAH SWEETS "  has been offering the deliciousness and quality to our clients for over 50 years with our keen for excellence at all aspects, we believe that all of our customers are VIP customers we keep our focus developing our products as a reason of their happiness.

The beginnings …….. With the Ice Cream Cones factory's was at the seventeens.  Haj Ramadan Abu Lebbeh witnessed his success based on his expertise which is derived from the ancestors.  Under the name AL NEJMAH  ( The Star ) He Focused the factory activities to the Jordanian Local Market & later on exporting his products to many countries.   GCC Markets, Europe, United States & Canada.


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