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Our journey started with a small Ice-cream cone factory since 1970s. The founder of Al Nejmah "Haj Ramadan Abu Lebbeh" gained his expertise from his ancestors, developed and passed them down to his sons. Al Nejmah (The Star) first served the Jordanian Local Market and branched out by exporting Al Nejmah products to GCC, Europe, United States and Canada. Al Nejmah Sweets has been offering the most flavorful sweets to our loyal clients for over 50 years. We always strive to excel in providing our customers with the best taste and highest quality products. We believe that all of ...
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Amman / Jordan Marka Al Shamali - Abu Al Qasim Al Shabi Street

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Tel (1) : +962 6 4892474 Tel (2) : +962 6 4873474

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Yajouz Branch Madineh Branch Markah Branch Rabieh Branch Tabarbour Branch Dabouq Branch Al Bayader

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